Top Swimming Scholarships in Australia | Your Ultimate Guide

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably searching for the Top Swimming Scholarships in Australia. Whether you’re a high school student-athlete, or already in college, this is your one-stop guide to finding the scholarship that’s perfect for you. From the Hancock Prospecting Swimming Excellence Scholarship to options at the University of Western Australia, let’s dive in.

Notable Swimming Scholarships

Hancock Prospecting Swimming Excellence Scholarship

  • Amount: $21,000
  • Eligibility: Student-athletes participating in the Australian Championships

Bond University’s Elite Sport Scholarship

  • Amount: Variable
  • Eligibility: Student-athletes affiliated with Bond Swimming Club

St. Hilda’s School Gold Coast Swimming Scholarships

  • Amount: Partial tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: High school students in Gold Coast

Griffith Sports Excellence Scholarships

  • Amount: Living allowance and partial tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: Student-athletes who have represented at the Commonwealth Games or Olympics

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Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships are open across various semesters and come with their own eligibility criteria. While some are aimed at undergraduate degree students, others are for those seeking a diploma program or a postgraduate degree.

Institutions That Offer Scholarships

Bond University

Known for its Gold Coast location, Bond University offers the Bond Swimming Ambassadors program.

Australian National University

Home to the Forbes and Ursula Carlile Scholarships, aimed at elite athletes.

University of New England

Offers a variety of scholarships for sports including swimming, under the UQ Sport 12-month Gold Membership.

Living Allowances and Fees

Many scholarships come with a living allowance to cover daily expenses. Additionally, Student Services and Amenities Fees may also be covered.

Elite Programs and Training

Bond’s Elite Sports Program (BESP)

  • Manager: Director of High Performance
  • Features: Advanced training and sports psychology services

Australian Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN)

Offers financial support and scholarships to Canadian and US student-athletes.

The Importance of Swimming in Australia

Swimming is a high-performance sport that has great prominence in Australia. From the Australian University Games to Bond University’s Annual Sporting Blues Awards, the country celebrates its swimmers extensively.


What Degrees Are Covered?

From Bachelor of Laws to Doctor of Physiotherapy and Master of Psychology (Clinical), a wide range of degrees are covered.

Are There Scholarships for Non-Australian Students?

Yes, the Australian Sports Commission offers scholarships that are also open to non-Australian citizens.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re an aspiring swimmer looking for educational opportunities in Australia, you’re in luck. From prestigious scholarships like the Hancock Prospecting Swimming Excellence Scholarship to university-specific offerings, there’s something for everyone.

For more information, you can contact the institutions directly or visit their respective websites:

Feel free to share this guide with anyone who might find it useful, and good luck with your scholarship hunt!

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